Welcome! We want to help you capture and captivate customers with Concierge Customer Service, to know them well so you serve them well.

If you just answer a few quick questions, we'll give you a customized analysis on how well you're doing, right now, and where your opportunities for improvement lie.



Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD

Hurlbert Consulting

Do you have at least 2 customer service representatives dedicated SOLELY to serving your most profitable customers (e.g., those in about the top 5% of profitability)?

Providing true Concierge Customer Service requires that you know (a) what your customers want and (b) how happy they are with the extent to which you're giving them what they want. So the next few questions focus on that.

Do you survey your customers at least once a year, to find out how satisfied they are with your customer service?
Do you KNOW, based on data, what the top 5 problems or goals of your customers are?
Do you have testimonials on your website, blog, or sales page describing the effectiveness of your product or service?