MyQuizWiz is the premier application for building online quizzes, surveys, and assessments.
There are many products out there that give you the ability to create a survey quickly and easily. But MyQuizWiz is a full-featured, fully customizable package that you can host directly on your own site.

Don’t just ask questions. Give answers!

MyQuizWiz was developed as a system to allow social media experts create long questionnaires, and immediately compile results to deliver a customized set of recommendations to the end user. Answers can be combined, cataloged, and tabulated any number of ways so that each and every user gets a report that is different from every other user’s result.

Incorporate personal information in the result. Mention the taker’s company name directly, or make suggestions specific to his city or region. We’ve even used the taker’s pets’ names in reports generated by MyQuizWiz.


Maybe customability is not a word, but you can customize any aspect of the look and feel of MyQuizWiz so that both the questions and the results are fully integrated in your web site. It gives your quiz a lot more credibility when the user isn’t clearly being shown content from a different source.


Once you’ve installed MyQuizWiz on your site, you have the ability to create and publish as many Q&A pieces as you like. Attract customers with a short quiz that gives them a valuable tidbit at the end, and then sell them a comprehensive assessment that gives them a complete marketing plan. Create yet another survey for your suppliers to improve relations in that arena!

Active Development

The feature set is great today, but the plan for the future is even brighter. Our planned enhancements add to the types of questions you can use, include a comprehensive reporting/analytic package, and give you many, many more options for deployment.

Try It!

Take our 8-question Rock and Roll History Quiz, but as you do, here are some things to look for:

  • Try it several times, with different answers, to see how you get a different report each time.
  • Look for the hook at the end — the push to drive some other action by your customer. In this case, we try to get you to ____________.
  • Check out how much it looks like this site. You’ll have to take our word for it, but there’s NOTHING in MyQuizWiz’s base of look and feel templates that looks like But with a little simple editing, you’d never know that it’s a separate system.

Ready to Propose?

We’re ready too, but unfortunately, we think a little more beta testing is in order. Right now, this is being offered as a beta product to the platinum members of If you would like to receive an email when this is ready for general release, please use the resources links at the right to contact us. We promise to keep your information secure, and to never sell, lease, or otherwise share it.